Compass lodge Luau 2017

That evening of fun, on June 24th, began with dress and decor.
Brothers , friends and family  arrived wearing colorful shirts, skirts and dresses in the Hawaiian mode, complete with their happy party smiles.
The same spirit continued into the Dining Room where everyone  were greeted again in a swirl of color with tiki posters covering the walls, table centerpieces , and cheerful paper lanterns throughout.

A entire golden-bronze roast pig, and two large smoked pork shoulders, of gustatory pleasure spread the entire width of the carving board.

Along with the pig, everyone  enjoyed Hawaiian chicken fried rice, Poke,  Mahi-Mahi fish, Poi, fresh vegetables, abundant fresh tropical fruits, and an array of tantalizing desserts.

We would like to thank you  all who joined our 3rd annual Hawaiian Luau Party!