A word from our Officers…

From the East:

Welcome Back Brethren,
I can’t believe we are entering the home stretch of my year! Time has certainly flown! I want to take this opportunity to thank all the officers, the past masters and
the brothers of Compass Lodge for their guidance and assistance that was given to me to help me make my year as master to be successful and rewarding.
I am proud of our Junior Warden, Christian Schunmann,
for his amazing Masonic work on the Entered Apprentice
degree. He was truly outstanding. All the officers did an
exemplary job on their rituals.
I want to thank all Brothers who participated and helped
on the 15th annual Two Ball Cane Golf Classic
Tournament. Playing, donating various prizes, and
volunteering their time all came together to make it a
successful event.
I hope you have all had a relaxing and re-energizing
summer! I also hope you are returning with an
enthusiastic attitude to help with the events we have
coming up!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Worshipful Brother Jeff Cooper

From the West:

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Hopefully everyone is rejuvenated as we head into the second half of the year. As usual, the time is flying by and the
holidays will be upon us in the blink of an eye! Monday September 17th is our return to regular meetings and I hope to see you there.
I congratulate our Junior Warden Christian

Schunmann for an excellent EA degree while sitting as Worshipful
Master on his step up night in June. Truly an exceptional
job. On October 1st all officers step up for the Fellowcraft
degree. This will also be our annual Grand Lodge
inspection and I encourage everyone to come and support
the brothers,
A reminder that Compass Lodge celebrates our 250th
anniversary next year! We are offering the brothers of
Compass Lodge an early opportunity to purchase ads in
the Ad Book which is being created to support next years
events. There are still plenty of opportunities to get
involved in next years events. Please see any of the
officers about how you can personally get involved.
Lastly, if you have not been to lodge in a while I
encourage you to come out and join us. Our Worshipful
Master, Jeff Cooper, has done an outstanding job of
bringing interesting Masonic education and fellowship to
every meeting and I know that he, and all of the brothers,
would greet you with a firm handshake and warm smile.
I promise we will make you feel welcome and you will be
glad that you came.
Bro. Christian Godbout
Senior Warden




From the South:

As I write this message for the trestle-board we are in
the dog days of summer, but as we all know, autumn will
be coming around soon and with it back to school,
football, raking leaves and back to our Masonic
undertakings! Our first meeting back will be the third
Monday in September with the traditional Ice Cream
social meeting, we will have light refreshments prior to
the meeting and then sit down to some serious creations
In October we will be having some full meals when we
have our whole line of officers in the step up for the
Fellow craft degree, being led by our Senior Warden
Christian Godbout sitting in the East for our annual
inspection. We will begin our Fellowship breakfasts again
in October on Sunday the 14th. For those brothers who
haven’t been able to join us, put it on your calendar, these
breakfasts are a great time to socialize, enjoy a great and
filling meal and spend time with friends and family. The
more the merrier!
November brings us to some Masonic education and
another meal prior to the Master Mason degree being
presented on the 19th. At that point we are right on top
of thanksgiving and soon thereafter we will have our
elections, installations and our family Christmas party at
the lodge. Before we know it Old Man Winter will be
knocking on our doors again!
I hope to see brothers that haven’t been in a while and
brothers that I’ve never even met at our upcoming
activities and meetings. Enjoy the days my brothers, and
may we always give thanks to the Grand Architect of the
Universe for the blessings bestowed upon us!

Bro. Christian Schunmann
Junior Warden