A word from our Officers…

From the East:

       Happy New Year to you all!  I wish each of you and your families much happiness and prosperity in 2019.
      I’d like to thank you for electing me Compass Lodge #9’s Worshipful Master for 2019.  This is a very exciting year as we celebrate our 250th year of serving the Wallingford community.  We have many events planned this year that will include our families, friends, and the community.  It is my sincere hope that all of you will participate, and if you haven’t been to lodge for some time, this is the perfect opportunity to come back and get involved.
          The 250th Anniversary Committee and I have been meeting regularly over the past year in preparation for 2019 and all the events we have planned.  In addition to the anniversary celebrations, we will continue the work of Compass Lodge #9’s tradition of having the highest level of degree work.
         I would also like to congratulate my fellow officers on their election to their respective chairs.  We have a very solid team and I am proud to call each of them my brothers and friends.  I can personally vouch that their commitment to the success of the lodge is unwavering.
         In closing, I want to thank both Worshipful Brother Jeff Cooper for his leadership in 2018 and all the brothers and Past Masters who have given their time so generously over the past year in helping to plan 2019. You each have my sincere gratitude.
      Due to the brothers of Compass lodge’s continued efforts to better Masonry, the community, and Compass Lodge #9, 2019 this is going to be an exciting year!
Christian Godbout
Worshipful Master


From the West:


As the new year begins, so do the terms of our new officers. I would like to thank you all for the vote of confidence in electing me as your Senior Warden and I am honored to serve you all, along with the great officers we have this year. I am thankful to have our newly installed WM Christian Godbout at the helm for this upcoming special year and will do everything I can to support the vision for it.

It promises to be an unforgettable year, with so many special events planned for the 250th anniversary of Compass Lodge. In January we will be holding our Memorial service along with the annual reports, and then we will hold our budget meeting on the third Monday the 21st.  We will be performing our first series of degrees starting on the first meetings in February, March and the third Monday in April (the 15th) for EA, FC and MM respectively.

On the second meetings in February and March we will be having social events, of which there will be many this year so be ready for the excitement! Fear not Brothers, spring will be coming right around the corner. For any brother that has not been to lodge lately, please come out or if you need assistance, contact one of the officers, we look forward to being with you all!

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand beside the fire: it is a time for home.” Edith Sitwell


Christian Schunmann

Senior Warden




From the South:


Happy New Year! Hope your holiday season was filled with joy, happiness, and brotherly love.

I want to thank the Compass brothers for electing me Junior Warden for 2019, our 250th  anniversary year! I am truly humbled. I also appreciate, and want to recognize Brothers Jules Martin and Dan Piper for accepting their appointments as Senior and Junior Steward. We will continue the Compass tradition of great food and fellowship at all of our communications throughout this year.

Please join us Sunday, January 13th, from 8am-10am, for our first monthly fellowship breakfast of the year. As in previous years, we will continue to hold the breakfasts on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Feel free to invite any family and friends to this ever growing jollification.

Worshipful Master Christian has many exciting events planned on his trestle-board for this special year, many outside of our lodge building.

Upcoming next month, Monday February 18th, we will again be holding a ‘Ladies at the Table’ Table Lodge, open to all masons and their others.

On Monday, March 18th, we will have a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Dinner.

Then, Take notice, Govern yourselves accordingly, and look for Compass’ 250th Year Anniversary Gala, scheduled for Saturday, May 11th.

All these events being held in the Hartog Auditorium at Ashlar Village in Wallingford. I invite all Compass brothers to come out and help us celebrate 250 years, all year long.

If any brother has any food ideas, or are looking to have a meal they haven’t seen come out of Compass kitchen in years, let us know. I look forward to serving Compass while at ease and at hours of refreshment for 2019.



Brother Nick (Francis) Barnes

Junior Warden