A word from our Officers…

From the East:


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the support that you have given me so far this year.  With winter behind us and nicer, warmer weather on the horizon, I would hope for your continued commitment to our craft.

We have many things coming up over the next few months including:

April 14th will be the return of family fun and game night at Compass Lodge at 7:00 PM.  Family and friends are welcome.  I’ll supply the soft drinks.  Bring your favorite snacks and games.  We will all have fun!

April 16th is the Master Mason Degree.

May 4th is the Annual Read Aloud Day.  Some of the brothers and their family members have volunteered to read to classrooms in our community.  The teacher will be given the book and bookmarks for her students.

May 7th is our first Ladies of the Table.  We will show our appreciation of our ladies at this time.  More details will follow.

May 24th RWB Jason Rieger will be guest speaker discussing the history of Masonary.

May 28th is our Memorial Day Parade.  Please brothers let’s show our community our commitment to those who fight for our freedoms.  Come out and march.

June 4th is our annual Awards and Scholarship Night.

June 18th is our Entered Apprentice Degree step up and inspection.

June 23rd is our annual Luau.  We always have lots of good food and fun!  More details will follow.

On another note RWB Harold Chick has brought us a challenge for us to go out into the community and share our skills.  People who can paint or do carpentry, for example, are always needed to help those less fortunate.  I have included the link for you to check this out.  http://Firstchurchwallingford.org/website/publish/newsroom/newsDetail.php?110

Aug. 6th is our 15th Annual Two Ball Cane Golf Tournament, which will be held at Traditions Golf Club this year.  You can support this even if you don’t golf by getting gifts and sponsors for us.

Last but not least, I want to thank Brother Ron Hansen for installing the beautiful globes on the entrance of our building.  They are truly outstanding.  Ron does and awesome job being the President of Masonic Temple Core.


A closing thought, People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight.

Have a wonderful summer.  Rest up for the coming fall!

Fraternally yours,

WM Jeff Cooper


From the West:


Happy Spring brothers!  It is certainly a wonderful time of the year with the sun being stronger and later, the return of the birds and flowers, and the feeling of a renewed year. There are many exciting activities that our lodge is involved with that the officers have taken a lead on providing.  However, there are many areas where we need your renewed individual participation.


The Two Ball Cane golf tournament is something where everyone can lend a hand, even in a small way, to help the lodge continue the good work we do for our community. Please pitch in and volunteer to help in raising funds by selling tickets or recruiting sponsors.  The golf tournament is one of the principle ways we raise money for the scholarships we give every year.  Please help by doing your part for the lodge.


Compass Lodge celebrates our 250th anniversary next year!  What an amazing milestone.  There are few organizations that can claim so many years of service to a community.  The 250th Anniversary Committee is developing some exciting plans to not only celebrate this momentous achievement, but also to raise awareness in the community about the fact that we have been doing this good work for so long and will continue to do so for years to come.  We do however need your help to make this the success we hope it will be.  Please come join our meetings or contribute in any way that you can.  We will be asking for volunteers to help with our Ad Book and other activities.  This is your lodge; please get involved and help make this a truly epic celebration of Masonry in Wallingford!


I would like to once again welcome our new brothers to the lodge.  We have had several excellent degree’s, including the Colonial Fellowcraft Degree which took place at Ashlar Village.  Please come and support our Junior Warden’s step up night to the East for our Entered Apprentice degree on June 18th which is also our annual inspection.


Bro. Christian Godbout

Senior Warden




From the South:


It’s hard to believe that we are a quarter of the way through the year already, and it seems that winter doesn’t want to let go. We have already done a lot and have much to do.

April is going to bring us some fine meals and fellowship, and in May we will have the ‘Ladies at the Table’ coming up at Ashlar Village. This will be our formal table lodge for the year.  More info will be coming soon about this ‘Thank you’ to our better halves.

June will bring us our Lodge inspection along with my JW Step-up degree on the EA. Please be aware of some changes this quarter to our monthly ‘Fellowship Breakfasts’, in April it will be on the 22nd and there will be no breakfast in May, due to Mother’s Day. We will resume as normal in June on the second Sunday of the month at this time.

As a special ‘Save the Date’ we will be holding our annual Compass #9 Luau Night on Saturday June 23rd. As in the past it is open to significant others and friends. More information will be upcoming regarding the venue and the price for this celebration.

As I said we have a lot coming up! We look forward to seeing you all around the tables!



Brother Christian Schunmann